Think Different (with an Autistic Mind)


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Was Steve Jobs Autistic?
Most do not think so,
But he told the world to "Think Different."
Some of us literally do.

Those who think different are
and anyone who is different.
That's how Autistic people think

Smaller in the years after World War II,
but bigger today by the numbers
1 in 110, or less
Autism is more common than rare.
However, we feel rare to others.

Some of them feel sorry for us.
Others try to bring us down.
We are not stupid,
Or Retarded
Or Contagious
Or Mud spelled backwards with a "B" before "M"

We try to be like you.
Unfortunately, we are not.
We are who we are.
Isn't that enough?

Autism is a curious world.
We have opportunities, but cannot see them without help.
We have more challenges.
A different way of learning,
and looking at the world.

Everyone wants us to see "reality."
We talk about it, but don't listen.
We have our own ways of finding truth.

Communication is the first step;
Building Friendships is the next;
Maintaining them can be sort of challenging.
Love is hard to find, especially if women want to only be friends.

Everyone advocates for us
Can we do the same
Can we? Or do we have limits?

We do not have limits, but challenges:
Of driving

And the list goes on...

We cannot have "can't" in our dictionary.
"Can't"-ers bring us down hard
It's not just that, but also our mistakes
Big and Small.
That upset us.
Throw off our routines.

Then, tears flow and it's hard to stop.
Thoughts running rapidly like hell.
Everyone wants us to breathe,
But some of us would rather be alone;
It makes us think.
We don't need talk or people staring at us
Asking questions like "What's wrong?"

Some of us like being alone
In a comfort zone
Playing games and watching movies with no one else.
Do we get irritated by others?
Sometimes, but loneliness sucks.
Being loved makes us accepted.
Some days, we need to step out.

Life is not a room with people just like you.
We are all different.
Autistic people cannot be contained in a room.
We cannot be segregated.

Sure, we think visually.
Some of us can "visualize" a movie word-for-word.
We can see things in our mind that no one else does,
But we cannot be distracted.
It's time we all had a voice.
Some of us do, but others don't.

The wrong resources can lead to many problems.
And there is no "one solution."
No cure,
Only treatments to control it.
No Meds can "control" or "cure" Autism.
It's not an illness.
It's a disability. Get it?

Don't scold us,
Feel sorry for us,
Do everything for us.

We are independent people.
Sure, some things limit us for certain reasons,
But one day
We will be on our own,
And we will not need people to hold our hands every time.
Isn't that the point of what you're doing?

The numbers are scary,
But our hearts our strong.
We need a little boost to get us moving
Things are always better the second time around.

And yes, we do a lot of things with numbers,
And Measurements,
And Math,
We're good at it, and some of us believe that.
You want us to do something we are good at.
But what about those who want to face challenges?

Autism, what a wonderful world.
Brilliant, not stupid
Loved, not rejected
Hopeful, not doubtful
Positive, not negative
Logic, and sometimes creative

To us, Steve Jobs' "Think Different" tagline
was a chance
A change
A new beginning
An opportunity

Autistic people have many doors
If they "Think Different," and realize their differences,
A door will open.
They can choose to go forward
or enter another door.
They have many doors to choose from.

Some of you may not understand this
Dont worry... will!


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