Think about Earth

The electricity we use every day

leave on the lights, you overpay

what about the Earth 

and its atmoshpere?

All our cars spit up so much CO2 Emission

and all our testing with nuclear fission.

When we lack, slack, and just lay back,

then the ice sheets start to crack.

Sea levels rise,

never been so high.

Ecosytems are damaged and desolated

places start to flood,

there will be bood.

Lower the AC, start to walk,

rather than drive and talk.

At a point there will be no return,

our startosphere might just break;

paper thin like a crystal clear flake.

So much black smoke

it's not magic, it's not a joke.

Flows into the atmosphere rather than disappear.

So turn off the lights

and go out with kites.

Make a difference 

lower the carbon footprint.

Don't stay inside, 

and let the Earth die.


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