Difficult it is to be open in this world

I try my hardest yet nothing goes my way

Long nights have I stayed up late; on my bed curled

but nothing can change how I feel hence why I stay

I stay to live this life because I am the god of my own existence

everything I say, think and do is a reflection of how my world is perceieved by me

I cant spend my life idolizing another 

If I do then they become the main character of my story when i need to be my own

Never will I compare myself to others for they are their own conscious 

and I am my own

Both god and the devil are within everyone of us

There is no man in the sky or one beneath earth that determines our lives

We create our destinies and fates with every second that passes

and wherever it may lead you just know

you are the very reason you are there in the first place

Don't doubt your prowess

 prowess which is leveled with that of our perception of a god 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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