Things to tell my future child

1. Don't run with scissors because you will end up harming yourself. And I don't want you to become like me. Harming yourself more than others ever could.
2. Always be respectful even if someone isn't respecting you because I did not raise you to stoop to some moron's level. Be respectful, be kind, and be caring. Never become someone you don't want to be.
3. Never be afraid to say how you feel. Don't let your words or feelings hold you captive. You're not a prisoner; be free.
4. Remember life is not and will not be easy. Don't be afraid to ask for help and don't be afraid to help others especially if they helped to you. Never forget who was beside you when no one else was.
5. Prove people wrong. Show anyone who told you you couldn't do something that you could. Be an example that with hard work anything is possible.
6. Don't be a follower. I know it's hard, but don't worry about fitting in. A lot of people are trying to be like someone else. Be different, stand out then maybe people will see you as their leader.
7. Never throw away anything that meant so much to you. Even if it seems it doesn't mean that much to you at the moment those feelings may come back. And those items may be all you have left to reminisce.
8. Know that people will come and go. When they arrive welcome them. And if they end up leaving always remember the good times and don't focus on the negative. It will just drain you.
9. Create! Write, draw, paint, etc. It doesn't matter what you do, but leave something there. Something only you can do. Be creative. Have others see your vision. Make your world as unique as you. Everyone wants a colorful canvas.
10. If I teach you anything in this life it will be; to never be afraid to ask me for love. I'm writing this way before you're even born and even though at this moment I have yet to meet you I know I will love you no matter what.

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