The Things She Carries

She carries a black backpack with her embroidered monogram on the front. Inside is the work that it will take to get her where she wants to be. The stressful, sleepless nights tossing and turning, wondering how she will ever make it to medical school. Her mind always changing a simple thought into something she could overthink for hours. She carries the weight of always striving for perfection and is constantly beating herself up over one mistake. She carries the stress of not being good enough and feels lonely in a crowd of people. She carries the pain of yesterday’s practice, knowing that she must overcome every fear in order to succeed. But she also carries the joy that comes from friendships that will last a lifetime. She knows that tomorrow will be better and no matter how many faults she has, she will always be loved. She knows she has a place and a purpose in this world that will one day become clear. She holds on to the hope that in the future her dreams and desires will become real and the struggles she’s going through now will be worth it. She carries a black backpack with her embroidered monogram on the front, knows what she wants and will overcome anything to get there.


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