Things That Make Me Happy


Music that matches my mood
Riding shotgun on a road that's smooth
Feeling the sunlight touch my face
Slipping converses on and tying the lace
The stars that twinkle overhead
The lazy feeling in my bed
Good books that make me think
Jumping off a dock into a lake
My mama's cooking on the stove
If I ask if I have to go to school and she says no
Laughing with my friends in the middle of class
The smirk I get when we sass
Summer days that go by slow
The smell of grass after it's mowed
The first taste of a cool drink
The sky when it turns to pink
The trees in the fall
Having money when I'm at the mall
Riding a roller coaster that goes upside down
The relief when you lose your phone and it's found
The childhood innocence when you watch cartoons
Lying underneath the shining moon


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