things I love

the nice bed with bumpers on the side and a lid getting 

ready to close 

My bed for eternity, the polyester fabric comforting 

and embracing  

Me like a mother with 

her newborn child; 


in the crowd sat 

Noone weeping 

and crying 

like someone had stolen 

niagra falls and inserted 

them into her eyesockets, she approaches Me and puts  

her hand out to touch 

my cold skin, a single tear lands 

on my face as if it were a last attempt 

to bring 

me back into the light; 


I wasn’t focused 

on her, instead I was patiently 


the food sitting 

across the room, Noone walks 

over to it and touches 

it all; 


Everyone then enters 

the room, Everyone punches 

Noone in the face and Noone falls 

to the floor, Everyone rushes 

to Me, picks 

Me up and rescues 

Me, Everyone tries 

to flee 

with Me but Noone stands  

up and returns 

to fight 

Everyone, Noone stands 

in the doorway and blocks 

us off, Noone picks up 

a chair and hurls 

it through the air; 


Noone is furious 

now, with 

a face as red as hemoglobin and disfigured 

like an evil goblin, she was 

delirious, Everyone steps 

towards her as if she was the superior, Noone moved 

as well, but she moved 

like a rabid dog, Everyone took 

another chair and destroyed 

it, she took 

a leg and prepared 

to joust, 

Everyone charges 

with me strewn 

across her shoulder, Noone charges 

too except she doesn’t have 

a jousting stick; 


they collided 

and Everyone dropped 

me on the ground, while laying 

there I saw 

a little mouse, we had 

some small talk and wasted 

some time, but our conversation was cut 

short by Everyone picking 

me up 

again, we rushed 

out of the door and got 

away from that building, I looked 

back as we left, and I saw 

Noone had 

been turned 

into a fish, he was flopping 

around, gasping 

for breath, then a hawk swooped 

down and took 

him away.


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