The Things I Carry To Hunt

It is November, my favorite time of the year.
This is when I sit in my stand,
waiting for a deer.
I wear blaze orange, dressing in layers of clothes.
There are hand warmers and a heater
so I don’t freeze my toes.
I bring my phone to text and watch the time,
in case I shoot one and text dad,
that shot was mine.
I carry a thermos, a sandwich, and granola bars,
then if I get hungry,
I don’t have to reach far.
The rifle is by my side,
loaded and ready,
the deer better run and hide.
I carry a few apples out and put them by a tree,
the seat cushion,
is brought out for me.
I bring a flashlight, my back tag and luck
‘Cause my wish
is to shoot the big buck.



Hunting is my hobby and passion.


Me too :)

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