the things i carry

I still carry around those Christmas presents you said you sent,

but i still cant get the worst stuff out of my head.

it still lingers around like a lost soul looking for a place to go.

 you know i cant sleep at night?

because I know I still have to carry you around.

i cant help but carry around grandmas home made cookies 

so rich and gooey

but you took and took until she faded away.

day by day i hoped and prayed

that one day you would change.

i still carry around those birthday wishes that never came my way.

i even carry around that birthday cake you said you would bake.

but most of all,

i carry around all the scars of knowing you'll never change who you are.

you never know what you doing

or the feeling that i get when I've learnt you've done something stupid.

people should learn from their mistakes but for  some reason you work backwards.

i cant help but see your true colors,

you cant hide who you really are .

it's written all over your face.

i carry all the bags of clothes,

the fear,

not knowing where i might end up next.

the car that  will take us to another family

that wont love us like you once did.

because of you i have to carry this weight on my shoulders.

i wish i could let it go.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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