Things Could Be Better

Divided, frightened, and slightly uninformed

There are people in our country

Who, daily, mourn.

But not over a death --

Though it seems like death, in a form --

They mourn

Because the 44th President is gone.

Are we really divided?

Yes, there are people at odds.

Worried that race



Or worse--

A stereotype hyped by the media

Will leave them even without hope.

Yet, we stand stronger together.

Somehow the new presidency brought us closer.

But I say all this to say things could be better.

Are we really frightened?

A lot of us truly are.

Afraid our rights will be infringed upon,

Freedoms revoked.


People of color

Banning together

To fight for what

They have fought against for so long.

Against a country

That doesn’t understand them

A country that gives them

A taste of what they want --

No. Need --

Because they pity them.


So things could definitely be better.


Is not even a question.

We consume the information

That the media feeds us

From the moment we awaken.

The extremes--

Liberal right and conservative left wings--

Are the only type of people portrayed in media

It seems.

We are unaware of how much we truly agree.

So, yes!

Things could be better,

But they could also be worse.

We live in a progressive nation

Where the Constitution works.

It may not work in the way we want

Or intend,

But it works

And this nation is in the palm of

The people’s hands.


This poem is about: 
My country


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