things to Change and it starts with me

by: Luz Alcala
This world aint perfect 
yet no one is,
theres lots thing to change 
and we try to do our best,
more trees more tress 
more wild life to see
cleaner air cleaner air
better air for us to breath
no more trash 
out the streets,
for us to walk on freedly
but change starts with one
starts with me,
you see Im not a Mayor, a Senate or Celebrity 
but what I am is a leader 
a leader that takes pledges and sticks with them
thats me,
 pledge to not littering
pledge to help those being bullied 
pledge to be responsible, 
this aint easy 
but little by little you'll see
that we can and will make this 
a better place
we done a pretty good job at exepting change 
lets keep it going to make it safe.
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