Things Change

"Thing" is such a weird word,

Usually when you "-ing" at the end of a word, it changes it to a verb,

but what is thing?

Both noun and an adjective,

but things change,

I've changed, somewhat,

Christ changed me, regardless of me,

Understand, It's nothing but Grace how He still gives me Faith, and He died for the ultimate villian,

I still disobeyed, but regardless I'm chained, when I should've been dead, but I'm living,

See, I know when I'm wrong, He won't leave me alone, that's the beauty of God and His Mercy,

So I'm spitting this piece about Him on the Cross, where my Heart was the item of purchase,

Back then, my intentions were intentionally created to grab the attention of a vial creature

who had evil intentions for me,

See, swallowed by sin, I was already a dead man,

whose alarm clock wasn't loud enough to alert him of his own demise,

So, I die

In sin, with sin, for sin,

I gave up

Gave up on trying to fight against it when I was always conciously, but subconciously for it,

gave up on trying to run when it caught up with me, no trrack field,

gave up on thinking I had a place in Heaven,

But He wouldn't hear it, have it, or see it,

Despite the fact that I gave up, 

He came in, He said "Walk",

I said "When?",

He said "Now",

I said "How?".

He said "Son, grab my hand".


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