Thigh gap? Not for me.

Our culture has created a monster. 

Society says that to be pretty you have to be thin, blond, blue eyes, etc. 

My little sister doesn't think she's pretty enough. She wants to dye her hair, lose weight, etc. 

She's gone through cutting because she doesn't think she's pretty enough. 

She's 12. 


I walk through the mall and see posters of slender models with perfectly shiny hair,

long, skinny legs, and tiny waists. That's the image young girls see and try to follow.

No one ever tells you that you can be beautiful by being who you are. 

Society never says that the most beautiful thing about you is your uniqueness.


Why should I want a thigh gap? I have large, muscular thighs. I am powerful.

Why should I want blond hair? I have red hair. I am fierce. 

Why should I want to be skinny? I weigh 166lbs and have a 30" waist. I am fit. 

Why should I listen to society and be anything else? I am who I am.


Don't ever tell yourself you're not good enough because of what someone else thinks. 

Every girl's body is unique and made differently, like trees. 

Some are thin and delicate, some are powerful and strong, some are inbetween. 

Don't try to be anything you're not. Be yourself, and be the best you anyone will ever know. 


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