A Thief in the Night


You came prepared with gun in hand

Ready to steal, kill, and destroy

What was running through your mind?

What were you expecting to find?

Or did it even matter?


Were we mere objects of a mission?

A justified end to the means?

A quick-fix to troubled finance?

A result of burning urge?

Did we fulfill that rush

And give you what you need?


I know you felt powerful

With that flash of weapon,

Your tall stature,

Your delivered demands.

The cloak of darkness and quiet corner,

We were like butter in your hands.


Between momentum and mission,

And money and murder,

By the light of morning, are you really on top?

Do you still feel the power that you felt in the dark?


How many before us?

How many came after?

Were we just the lucky ones who didn't get the trigger?


You think no one understands,

And no one sees your heart.

Your past is too painful--

Family divided, apart.

Perhaps you were wronged, and you're paying them back

Through others' innocence,

Through greed and attack.


You have gifts and talents,

Energy and drive.

Why use them to steal instead of to heal?

What will it take to change your mind?

Is this really the "happiness" you've sought to find?


I wish you knew that He understands your pain.

He sees through your mask, to your sorrows that rain(reign).

He knows your past--how you broke, how you strayed.

He's ready for you to take His hand and to stay.

He's pursued you all this time, as you were running away.


Man of Darkness, you were meant for so much more.

If you'd just open your heart, you would see what's in store.

You're only robbing yourself when you're choosing to steal.

There's a joy that He gives, one I'd like you to feel.


Man of Darkness, you were our Thief in the Night.

And I wanted to thank you for not taking our lives.


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