The Thief

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 21:06 -- Meegawn


United States
35° 14' 22.9236" N, 114° 2' 15.9468" W

It starts out fun,
When romance has begun
The world no longer can scare you.

Don't let your guard down
For that's when you'll drown
Cause the thief takes all he is due

He'll look into your eyes
But's all a disguise
He's tricky and such a nice guy

He'll give you a kiss
It's easy to miss
The signs that it is all a lie

He takes all your money
But calls you his "honey"
Surely, this is true love!

He'll take your new car
Now your in too far
In to give a nice shove

Next is your name,
Like its some kind of game
You wonder who you really are

But do not despair!
Read this poem and beware.
The thief is so smart and clever

But if you step back
And plan your attack
You'll be safe forever.


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