They're Coming

I hear them, the monsters

Creeping around the shadowed corners

Big, scary monsters

with large pointy teeth

sharp, razor like claws, ready

to rip at your humanity.

Many piercing, stairing eyes 


In the closet 

under the bed

behind my thoughts.

Oh! how they stalk.

They wait,

They wait for doupts to emerge

doupts about yourself.

And then they pounce

Turning your thoughts against you

Making your fears larger

Making you fail.

Turning you against yourself.

They will,

take everything.

They will, 

destroy everything.

They will,


Don't let the monsters in.

Quick! lock the door.

I hear them coming

I know it is too late.

Here come the monsters. 


magical mistakes

Do the monsters have a deeper meaning or are they just creations? Jw...

Artsy Secret

The monsters represent self-doubt.

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