They Will Be Proud

It seems like only yesturday

that I was just a little lad

and now that I am grown

my family is very glad


I can not help but feel

that after all these years

I grew up so big and tall

but now I have many fears


I told my family that I would make them proud

and I plan to do so

but now as I look ahead

there are so many places to go


What will my career be?

Will I be successful?

Will I get married?

Or will I fail?


I look ahead to my future self

and I like what I can see

a man of much devotion

and much integrity


Yes! I like what I see

and I see my families faces

much to their delight

For I am successful


So I will go into the world

it may be mean and loud

but if I work hard and keep moving forward

I will make my family proud



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