They Think It's Something To Laugh At

I'm a minority.
White, blonde, blue-eyed, middle class.
I'm a minority.
Straight A's, honor roll. Privilege.
But at the far left side of the bell curve, I'm a minority.

Everyone towers over me.
Everyone acts like I'm a circus fool.
Can I take a picture with you?
Why are you so small?
Oh I didn't see you there.
Do you need help?
I'm a minority.

All those stares and all those whispers.
Do they think I'm pretty or are they just making fun?
White, blonde, blue-eyed, middle class minority.

It's good to be a minority.
My strength is internal, my soul is kind.
I have acceptance and a strong-willed mind.
I know that minorities are just like everyone else.
My deviance is my strength.
They think it's something to laugh at.
But I think it's something to be proud of. 



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