They Strengthen Me

Looking around, I'm not sure what to feel
I've only been here for some weeks
But I've got a goal in my head
and a dream in my heart
and I'll do whatever it takes.
I need to prove to my family and friends,
but more importantly to my own self,
that I can be great and achieve many great things
no matter which way my life heads.
I'm proud to be from an island
that I'm happy to call my home.
I'm proud to have all the people I know
call me one of their own.
The memories I have of Saipan,
my island in Micronesia,
are the things that bolster me.
Those memories are what keeps me moving
and gives my life clarity.
I remember the cliffs in Marpi,
and the docks in Garapan,
I remember the Bays and our little Mountain,
and I miss everything about Saipan.
I still laugh at the jokes my friends tell me,
even if they're thousands of miles away.
I still run and exercise,
even if the scenery's not the same.
I can't wait to swim at beaches,
that I've only seen on tv.
I can't wait to try all the dishes,
that appeared only in fantasies.
I can't wait to meet new people
attending my university
I'm just about bursting with excitement
at all the possibilities.
I'm going to make my island proud
so when they look back on me,
they'll say "That's her! That's our girl!
She came from our community!"


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