They Scream

A young man climbs

From a crowd below

Up a steep metal ladder

Through the blistering snow.


To see the view

And the wonders in store.

As for the building

Its stories are four


When he reaches the top

He looks to the scene

Of people down below

As they begin to scream.


"Do it!" They yell.

"Jump" They scream.

"Come on!" They Cry

This must be a dream.


The man begins to cry

All he wanted was to see.

The people start to fight

And gnash at him with teeth


Thirsty for blood

Anything for the rush

For their satisfaction

Your dreams they will crush


Another man comes

Gives him a hush.

Stares him in the eyes

And gives him a push.


Down he goes

Still crying so loud

The people, they scream...

As he lands without a sound.


They tear him to pieces

To relieve their hunger

Ripped his bones to shreds.

And let blood run asunder.


When its over and done.

They all return

To the calm stance.

And await the next mans turn.



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