They say the Right one will come so be Patient

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:33 -- Nyarial


When I try reading his mind 
Its just a Big Question mark. 
When I examine his eyes 
He looks past me, 
And more focus on anonymous things. 
His body language is more thuggish but weak feedback 
He speaks as if he wants to know of me 
But really we all know what a man yearns for, 

They see nothing but lust and seek pleaure. 
Men are very active and always on the GO w/ females 
But never stand still and take the time to touch base with her! 
I have overheard various stories on why they don't settle anymore 
The most common one is previous past of another girl taking his heart and left in the Dust! 
I would want to ask why hold a grudge and not taking a chance on this new bird that is actually willing to be with you
But when a female likes a male 
And especially when he knows he takes it for granted and uses her body whenever he pleases 
But little did she know he doesn't like her 
But her body . 
And little did he know that even though she knows she getting used at least she knows someone actually knows she exist and will give her that attention while it last.... 



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