They said "Never do Drugs Kids".

Sat, 01/07/2017 - 21:06 -- MacDL

Blitzed. I hate being questioned. I see things in a blur, and I can't do anything for myself. I avoid. I have stronger fears now than before, and I'm in a void after being held down. Things change, people change. "The drugs, they changed you, man." "You act weird." And for some reason a sort of haunting comes from these phrases because I always try to forget things and focus. Focusing through a new lens that I'm not familiar with and I'm in a panic. 'Faded' isn't the word I'd use, 'fun' isn't either when you abuse it hard enough because everything has become too difficult and the 'high life' is a new world full of misspellings, laughter, and empty regrets. I need to be grounded by the feelings of familiarity, without it I'm crystal clear lost and in a purple haze without the actual "fog". I do this so often you'd think I'd have grown fond of it.

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