They Never Did

Dark skies cover the city, no way to escape them. They hover as their harshness fills the air making you gasp. Inside the city, don't know how to feel, what to do. The people in the clouds are worried and upset while the city becomes depressed. The sound of anger and sadness escapes and the city begins to flood. The feeling of drowning in sorrow, can't think, can't move, just drowned in the winds words. The winds can't see what they have caused, for they don’t care. The winds feel power against the city, so they keep blowing. Other cities are afraid to protest, for they don't want the winds to overcome their own. The innocent city had died considering, the other cities did nothing about the harsh winds. The winds carried on, to the next city. Unforgettable words were said to the city. Repeating from the last one, it began to drowned. Feeling the same. The other cities began to do something about the winds. They told the clouds and the clouds told the heavens. The winds began to see what they have done. But it’s too late, redness has spread, caused by the vicarious winds.  The clouds worry about the city, if it will ever wake up, if it will ever get better. But it can’t… Because it is too late. Too late to make things better. Too late to stop the flooding because the cities are already gone.  The clouds grew lonely as the city stayed still and quiet. They tried their best to move on, but their tears fall every day. The wind however, still does not really seem to care… They never did.   Poem Explanation:This poem is about bullying and suicide. The cities are people, the clouds are parents, the wind is the bully, and the heavens are the staff of the school. This poem is an analogy. 

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Our world



This is an amazing story, really touches the hearts of readers. Keep writing! Follow your inspirations and aspire to be the best writer you can be!

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