They forgot to teach me how to fly!

When I woke up in the middle of the night,
They put me back to sleep.
When I tripped and fell,
They held me taught me to be careful.
When I came home late,
Their worried faces got tears in my eyes.
When I cheated, 
They showed me the worth of loyalty.
They told me that I was a fairy,
And that I could fly.
They lend me the wings,
Out of the fear that I might not be able to cope up with the world.
They asked me to fly, fly high, to the right direction,
They told me I will end in the heavens.
They put their feathers on my wings,
If mine fell off!
They tried their best prick by prick,
They boost me up like a pump of red.
But they yet forgot the simplest and the most important,
And I still lay on the ground and weep quietly.
I miss them, I wishI could fly to them in the heavens
I wish I could feel the worry, the warmth, the hold,
That was of their's.
They forgot to teach me,
HOW to fly! 



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