They Can't Feel It

It's all fun and games to us,
Sticks and stones can't hurt them.
Words are harmless I'm sure.
But sharpened knives and loaded guns
Can end their lives in a flash.

Preps don't much care for loners
They pick at them till they feel worthless.
Little do they know how their laughter echoes in their lonely minds.
Each night they crawl towards death
With no one beinthere at their side.

"Zero tollerance" a banner of false pride
Each case a careful ballance of heresay and "proof".
Most kids these days have no morals
They think suicide is just a game
Without feeling the way it hurts.

I've felt my soul fade off
My vision faded to grey
I've felt a belt choke it all away
And know that suicide is preventable
If only we'd teach our kids why.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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