"They call me"

Wed, 07/16/2014 - 21:28 -- anecko

They call me life, because I raise everywhere,

They call me light, they call me peace, they call me art.

They call me time, because a heal everything,

They call me death, because wherever you are, I'll be there.

They call me symbol, they call me treason,

Those who saw my picture were drowned in frustration.

They call me and they don't say any name,

They call me Demigod and forget that I am a man.

They call me change, precursor, smug and despot,

They call me visionary, because I'm ahead of my time.

They call me water, fire, earth, they call me wind,

They call me storm, because in every breath, I realease lines full of feelings.

They call me statue, because I enjoy being alone,

They call me sea, because they would never know me at all.

They call me tear, for all the lessons that I teach.

They call me fugitive, because I  never had an owner that took my freedom,

They never let me go.

They call me so many things, for good or bad,

Beautiful or poisonous ways to make me immortal.



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