They’re Magically Delicious

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 10:36 -- gigi417


United States
40° 40' 13.0152" N, 75° 19' 46.4052" W

A lush, green landscape with leaves and trees abound
After a spring time rain, water covers the ground
In the distance I see 3 freestanding doors
The task: Pick just one.

With eyes closed, I open the one on the left
All the while holding my breath.
I take a step through and open my eyes
And to my surprise, nothing has changed.

But wait I hear an evil cackle
And as I turn my head to the noise
I see a group of what appears to be young boys
But soon I realize what they truly are…

They are crazy-eyed leprechauns with razor sharp teeth.
I feel a schock wave of terror and grief
Without hesitation I run and scream.
Thankfully, it was all just a dream.

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