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Life is like a hand full of ice. You get so caught up in how cool it is and how it feels that you become numb and you don't realize that it is slowly fading away.

Staring at the clock, tick, tick

Time is running out, I have to admit

The moonlight hits, the stars throw a fit

These thoughts are coming at me like a Quarterback blitz

These faces I see, will become distant memories

No more friends, no more family

Living in reality

When you’re young you don’t think this will come

But as you get older you get closer to the beating of the drum

Sometimes I wonder how life will be after

I graduate and have to write my own fate

Will I go to college and pursue a degree?

Or will I get a job working at dollar tree?

Will I grow up to be famous and see new sights?

Or will it be a struggle to keep on the lights

Sometimes I have ask about the kids in class

Will I see them again or will they live in the past?

You only live once; they say that’s the motto

But I want to know about the day after tomorrow

Some nights I get up and start pacing around the room

Life seems stressful when I think about June

I can’t wait to walk the stage and get my diploma

But I really don’t want to be out on my own

Is this really it? No more childhood

Boy, being a young adult doesn't sound that good

There will be no more Mommy; there will be no more daddy

You’ll be around people who will gladly fail you

And tell you that your nothing, you know the kind of people who are always starting something

It will not be that long before I’m a grown up and I have to own up to my mistakes

Working long hours without any breaks

Life has been a joy ride and it’s been fun

But I realized that this is the last one

The numbers don’t lie, a man isn't supposed to cry

But it’s hard for anyone to say their final goodbye



This is one of my favorite poems. It was inspired by my teacher for a poetry slam in class about the future.

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