These Pieces of My Heart


You want my heart? 
You can have it.
But good luck finding it all,
For I have already given 
Little pieces away...

To an old lady who didn't always remember my name

To a little girl who asked me to push her on the swings

To my cat, curled around my legs and beggin to be petted

To my best friend, the boy I grew up with, who will always be there for me

To my dad, who I am still convinced hung the moon

To a sunrise, pink and gold over the water

To my mom, for all she does for me

To an old couple, sitting together on a bench, still in love after all these years

To loved ones who left us, but are still here in our memories

I have given my heart to each of these.
Find all the pieces, and it's yours. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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