These Halls

These Halls shroud our day to day

I discover your eyes in a snatch

Maybe we give an enriching smile 

Or not


The silly thing is that in twenty-five years

When these halls are absent

We might lengthen the smile, 

Maybe sit, share lunch and stay awhile

Remember our history?

Classes we passed, barely

Connecting dots and mystery

Remember it was our time?

Speeding down roads just because

The music we wore

The style we followed

Remember life as it was?

Remember that we live in it now?


Maybe the relationship is like roots dug deeper

Remember plants that we grew?

(Proving the further entwining)

Remember the stress pulling us, cords tighter?

Remember scavenging for words?

Sickening sweetness from the apples of knowledge 


and the sweet sickness, 

When we indulged in the rotten

Their vile smell escaping

Stinging tongues 

Maybe there is hurt


I am sorry

Time to time something still reminds me

A scene, smell, or sound

The dark little welt of guilt sits confidently

Subtle until discovered

Then the hole rips open

Leaving you as hollow and desolate

As that board of encouragement

To be honest I am full of these holes

Speaking to myself more than you

It hurts


The silly thing is that in twenty five years 

When these halls are absent

We rejoin together on that poetic day

The friends, the enemies, and those that we didn’t get the chance

Because now, they are gone


It’s short


The shroud in our prospect doesn’t have to be

Frankly, vulnerability is the key

These Halls crunch us close together

Impeccability to avoid being peck-able

Some call it a mask, some call it walls

Whatever it is, it’s healthy, Don’t get me wrong

Don’t take your face off, it will probably hurt

But remember everyone is human

I know of a kid in the high of school

Who smeared sauce on his face

Because he actually dared

To discover who actually cared

I guess the challenge is in unity

That maybe someday when the halls are gone

We sit and sing happy, glad and spirited

We can be at the reunion

because we were once in











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My community
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