These Glasses

The eye has a problem,

but it can see, 

Astigmatism disturbs me

but you might not believe.


I close my eyes

And see what you cannot

When your eyes widen

You becoming old like Joe Biden.


Yes, squinting is the issue,

So, I started in four,

And up till date

I might not think of a straight floor.


But these glasses,

These glasses that define my beauty,

I take it off for a rest,

They say my face looks empty.


Is it what God created me with

Or the modification todays man gives?


My face empties not

For I was born without glasses,

And I was still human

No masking.


These glasses taking hold of me

Insecurities settling

I know I am not ugly

But I still wouldn’t believe if someone tells me


Should I take it off?

Give my natural face a chance?

Shun the fools?

And be so peng in the land?


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