These Girls

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 22:51 -- Mbodnar


United States
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Every day on my feed I see the same thing
The blues and the pinks and what will you bring
Young girls in high school some even my age
This anger builds up; I have to turn the page
Some part of me wonders if I am missing out
Then I laugh and again I feel the need to shout
A baby is something more than cute photos to post
Today it doesn’t seem like it to most
My mom worked two jobs to support me
Now I see young girls just getting free money
I always dreamed of something more
A degree, a job, a future; just reaching for that door
Don’t get me wrong, babies are a true miracle
But the lack of education is what has me so lyrical
Your dreams are now on the back-burner to theirs
Diapers, feedings, late night worries and cares
Do you think that man is always going to be there?
Girl, I hope you have a plan when the fridge is bare
I just don’t understand girls these days
I suppose I was raised with different beliefs and ways
Because all I want to do is hold my degree
Not hold a screaming baby who is hungry



I wrote this poem about teen pregnancies and even young adult pregnancies. I feel like it has become popular to become pregnant out of wedlock which I do not have an issue with but if you are not financially able or stable, then I think you are just hurting yourself and your child. Finish high school, pursue your dreams...

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