There's No AA For Lovers

I’m drunk.

Not on life.

Not on hormones.

Not adrenaline.


I’m drunk.


Alcohol is my mister,

And I regret nothing

With him,


Or do I?


Like your favorite ex-boyfriend,

Alcohol is

Sweet, spicy

and then sad.


I’m sleeping with him


Like that damn ex-boyfriend

You can’t

Get rid of,

He is always

There for you.

Ready to cuddle

With you for the evening

All comfy and calm,

Or courageous

When you can't be.


He brings you back

To beautiful times

Filled with laughter –

Whether they were

Funny or not,

And gives you things

You may or may not

(Want to) Remember.

His presence

Is persistent

Even after you feel

Done with him.

Drink it all down,

Once he’s there,

Only time will

Oust him.


He’s a drug,

I want him


Or do I?


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