There is Truth

Say you've done the suffering

Yours and the others and there's nothing left

Don't you know that it's never going to end?

Got an infinity supply of sad on the world map

Endless tears flow out of the pages of an atlas.

Why don't you open up a book and see what I mean

Only sixteen where you are but take a look to your right

See for yourself that there are places where some things are more than definitions

You ask what's left to fight, ask what should you write

Well if you don't know then that's a pretty high horizon

Well optimism needs some fuel you know, I laugh because I want to keep it up but

Let reality come in once in a while

Don't put on blinkers, block it out, not on my watch.

I'm telling you, write a word or two. I'm telling you, open your eyes

And sure the world's a battleground

And shades of gray are at war, but who is right, because we've all been wrong

And sure there are bad things going on. But you're going to find out,

Someday, won't you? So let it all come now. Don't go rushing out

Not after you said that you love our planet. Let yourself

learn the truth that was never ever kept from you. Let yourself

Feel the love and the hate and the pain and the light because you know

There is still some light. So I'm not saying tell yourself that it's a horrible place

Because there's magic in it too, I'll show you just you wait

There is truth and then there is this you have given yourself

Don't fall for it, there's so much more if only you dared to go for it,

Walk away into reality, step out of your place on the old dusty toy shelf.

Don't blind yourself. Don't be to blame. Don't be guilty because telling yourself lies is a crime

Don't run from the truth to your little dark room, don't spend eternity hiding in corners

Don't be wishing for someone to come along and cure the snakebite

The world's like this whether you like it or not, but cling to the light.

Don't stomp fires and don't burn out the lightbulbs. Light is precious here so carry spare

Flashlight batteries, buy matches with your pennies and don't let your spark die.


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