There She Is

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 18:42 -- amo348

There she is.

Yeah, that girl.

The one that got pregnant.

The one that had an abortion.

There she is.

See her walking with her head down?

What a slut. Whore.

Yeah, that’s the girl.


There she is.

As she walks down the hallway,

Every eye is on her.

Judging with their hearts and eyes.

She’s the one.

She slept with that guy,

And look what happened.

What a stupid girl.

The eyes are always on her

But not a word is spoken.



There she is.

She can’t look up.

She can’t look into their eyes.

So she stays quiet,

And keeps her head down.

Even the teachers,

She can feel the disapproval.

She can practically

HEAR the words they’re


There she is.

She should have known better.


There she is.

And here I am.

Hearing all the words that my

Friends are throwing at her.

There she is,

Getting attacked everyday

With silent ambushes.

And here I am.

Do I say something?

Would I dare to talk to her?


There she is!

Walking down the hall towards me

The same girl,

Head down

And arms across her chest.

Here she is.




All of the eyes

On us now.

Judging her AND me.

AS she looks up,

I simply ask

How are you?

And finally the smile

That had been hidden so long

blooms like a flower.


And that’s when I realize

Here we are.

I’m human.

And she’s human.

And maybe, just


I don’t have to judge her.

Maybe I can respect her

And treat her like a friend.

Yeah, there it is.









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