there is only one pain

  • there is only one pain
  • that is love
  • pain of longing
  • for love
  • and pain of losing 
  • the beloved
  • for whatever i have
  • i will surely lose
  • that which i long for
  • is already lost
  • the greatest joy
  • the seed of
  • the greatest sorrow
  • here today 
  • and gone tomorrow
  • every moment is fleeting
  • every breath anew
  • nothing to be said
  • nothing can be done
  • to turn back time
  • or to change what is to come
  • so the wise have said
  • better to have loved and lost
  • than to never have loved at all
  • all i know 
  • we are
  • have been
  • will be
  • forever
  • love
This poem is about: 
Our world



Joys and sorrows here today gone tomorrow wow a nice super poem and I like how you put it. Thumbs up.


pleez do comment under my newest poem too, comments are not common here but I like meeting poets via comments.

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