There Once Was But No More


There once was a girl

Who held her head high

 But you’ve stolen her confidence

And you’ve made her cry


There once was a boy

Who like to play dress up

So you took away everything

And told him to toughen up


There once was a person

Who didn’t identify as either

But you told them they did

And assigned them a colour


There once was a girl

Who was born with different genitals

So you told her she’s wrong

And that being a boy was more acceptable


There once was a boy

With cuts up his wrist

And instead of asking why

You told him to just finish it


There once was a person

Who would’ve told you their story

But they're dead and gone now

I hope you are happy


Do you see our darker brother

On the other side of the fence

You both committed the same crime

But you got away because of a pigment


Do you see that little girl

Who omitted, “In God We Trust.”

Well calling her and her family a terrorist

Was not a must


Do you see the people

Who love the same gender

Why do you label us wrong

When you're the offender


So look at all these people

Because that’s what they are

They were born like you and me

Into this world


You'll never know

How much pain you have caused

But maybe this will help you

Sort out all your flaws


Bullying is bullying

No matter how it’s disguised

From pigment, to sexuality

To sex, or even if you were baptized


I don’t know what you see

When you look at me

But why don’t you focus on you

And just let the rest of us be


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