There is no easy way

There is no easy way to get through life

As a little kid I was very lost I didnt know if people really cared

I dont tell my story cause I dont really know it 

Most of my childhood and even my teenage years are all split

Often when I am asked the question "tell me about yourself"

I never know what to say 

I always wonder are they asking about the me that everyone loves 

Or about the me that truly is lost the kid that has been hidden for years 

the kid that is terrified of life and people 

I always tell them I like working I like being busy I enjoy seeing people smile;

I do enjoy seeing people smile I think its the one time throughout my day where its ok

I never tell people when they ask that question;

I never say that I am broken I never say that sometimes I feel as if life is picking on me

I never say that eye contact isnt my stongest

I wont tell them that I tend to lose all motovation in myself

They will never hear me say "I am lost"

So when they ask me I'll tell them how I love people even though they scare me

I'll tell them that I strive for happiness thats the truth

But those arent the things i really wanna say

but thats just a converstaion no one really wants to have sadly

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