Is There A Forever

Is There A Forever 

I Love You always and Forever that's what you say to me  
You are old and gray and I am on my way , 
Tears ...sadness, playful times of laughter touch my life 
With you by my side , 
Will there be a happily ever after? 
Is there any honesty without so much poverty ? 
Why does life have to be so bad ! 
Will our love make it through all of this , 
Times of uncertainties, empty feelings  empty thoughts  
Empty hearts that are going numb putting love on the run , 
Can our love survive at the end ? 
When love with unconfined wings hover over you and me  
The whispers of love came over us like a dove with , 
Some much love for the both of us that made our heart sing 
Good times ,bad times  say's it all , 
This relationship is going strong . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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