There are Books

Through the days in which I feel there is no good, days in which there is no escape

days in which I cannot be in a worse mood, and my life has fallen into rather poor shape

There are books.

A common item, they are--a simple sentence, a group of carefully arranged letters, a passionate thought

scribbled down in a hurry to convey an overwhelming flurry of emotions--

This is what makes me truly happy.

Should the world become too much to bear, and my own emptiness threaten to swallow me whole

I always have another world to explore.

Never is there a shortage of friends, or of heroes; of happy endings and life trials and new beginnings and

breathtaking experiences.

To gain the ability to change identities, if even for a small moment, is such a wonderful thing.

To connect to another human being through their own thoughts, and to realize that

Life goes on!-

...Is what makes me truly happy.

All I have to do to begin, is take a deep breath,

and open up to the first page.

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