Is there anybody there?

Is there anybody there?

You know, I’m getting pretty lonely in here.

Stuck inside my head.


I guess I have my thoughts for company,

I can talk to imaginary friends.

But sometimes I wonder,

Is it this dark in other peoples minds?


Do they hear screams in the silence?

Are there whispers of why not?

Why not just stop caring?

Why not just… lash out?


I think there’s someone there.

They’re lurking in the corners,

Hidden by the shadows,



Whispering and whispering.

It loses its meaning.

Now it's not whispering.


The hiss of a snake,

The whistle of the wind,

A sin-black sea breaking on the shore.


Is there anybody there?

You can come out already.

I can hear you.

You can’t hide any longer.


But now, as they’re emerging,

The whispering grows louder.

A roar,

A Cacophony!


And now I see your face,

And I rub my eyes to clear them,

Because surely, it’s not…



But then,

If you are me…


Then who am I?


So I am just…




Oh no.


Because that means that I’m just watching,

Looking into my… no, their, mind,

Peering in from the outside.


And it scares me.


Is there anybody there?

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