Searching for something to make me happy,
Sometime i think I'm my own worst enemy
For some reason I'm still struggling to find my way,
Still f*ck*d up, still acting tough
Is there any medicine for this thing inside of me?

I've cried so much that I am feeling dehydrated,
The more I say i love me
The more I'm filled with self-hatred,
My life is the unsolve mystery to me,
can you tell me is there any medicine for this thing in me?

Alot of yall think yall know me,
Yall don't know nothin bout me,
Every weekend always the life of the party,
Am I having fun?if you asking me, Not hardly
Is there any medicine for this thing that in me ?

I should be smiling 'cause god has been so good to me
honestIy if wasnt for god i would probably be on drugs
Why do the streets keep calling me?
I'm so scared that my life will be taken from me
please is there any medicine for this thing in me?

I even tried to find it in a man,
At time made me take a real look at myself,
Even Evaluate the little self-esteem I have left
at time Mr Jack Daniels and OLD E ain't enough
feel trapps inside is there any cure for me?

I had times when I was full with no food on my plate
I am poor,a woman yes far from struggling,
It seems the more I do my best the greater my struggle
I am beautyful,smart so i have everything, no reason to complain
but why do i feel so empty,there any medicine for this thing in me?

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