I cry from time to time
I don't let myself have these feelings until I'm alone
That's where I'm really me
Very few see the real me 
I wait until I'm alone because I'd be a mess no one wants to clean up
That's why my mask has become more a part of me than my original skin
This is how I live 
But it's not how I want to live.
When I cry, there's never enough to satisfy.
More of my emotions stay than are let out
But I want to let them out
They scream for it
But these emotions, they're my prisoners.
I hide them away in my heart and write my mind a ransom note to see if they can find and set free what I've been trying to free all this time.
Maybe that would help me
Maybe they'd sell to me
The cure to my disease.
I'm sick of lying to myself
I always convince me
It's I that convicts me
It's my eyes that restrict me 
From seeing the change in me
The lies, the hate, the love, my faith, the sickness, the cure, the fear, the pain
Is it all fake?
I feel fake because it's never shown 


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