The needles of the clock changed the course of life
Everything in life has conveniently been materialize
Slow and steady earlier would always win the race
Now it's debased as everyone is busy in the chase
Chants were two wrongs don't make a right
Yet to the young now we teach how to fight
Grew up hearing a friend in need is a friend indeed
But in this world betrayal is now what we overfeed
Beauty was the adornment of the beholder's eyes
Nevertheless the new customs did this jeopardize
The souls were united by a love that was blind
So why the money and beauty now enshrined
Even though money was the root of all evil
However it's now the only oddity agreeable
No matter what, the best policy was honesty
As for now it only ends up in a catastrophe
But worry we should not as patience is virtue
How to pursue, truth be told we have no clue.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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