Them vs Us

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 11:32 -- xgj


United States
30° 32' 20.454" N, 97° 56' 14.982" W
United States
30° 32' 20.454" N, 97° 56' 14.982" W

Any outcry gets stifled

Their innocence gets rifled

We sit back and watch on our flat screen

At things meant not to be seen

They fight their religious wars

While we keep our pets in doors

So while people are looking for clean water

Rex has an expensive collar

But what can be done

When peace talks are often shunned

So we sit back and watch

Get rid of these images with our scotch

There is wrong in every place

But we should be glad in our case

Our country is not without a concern

But there is something that we have to learn

Because while we are upset about spying

Overseas there are children dying

So even though it is okay to be upset

At least your family is not under constant threat

You do not have to worry about missiles or rockets

Just about whether you have your phone in your pockets

So next time you are upset try to be relieved

That it is not as bad as your might have perceived 


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