Them and Us


They are all around us

There are skinny ones, 

tall ones,

fat ones,

small ones,

Ones with sharpened horns and razer-blade teeth,

and yet others are adorable but avaricious.

Some are real, and some are not, 

Some can hurt, and some can not.


We all have them,

Some have few some have more,

and even though they are mostly lore,

They fill us with the dread of being swallowed evermore


One day I made a decision.

I decided to no longer run.

I decided to have some fun.

I decided to take up my sword.

I decided to become the lord.

I decided to tear down the curtains.

I decided to let the light pour like fountains.

I decided to fight my monsters head on and see what they are really made of.


And you know what?

They were afraid of me.

They backed into the corner.

They crawled under the covers.

They came out of the crevices.

They collapsed in cowardice.


That day I learned that we are all frightened

Us by Them, and Them by Us

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