In a time of need one searches far and wide,

For, all of our worries are right by our side.

What are we searching for, though;

A sense of security or someone’s trust to follow?


Personally, I look for the trust in myself.

Without it I am a lone book

Trying to stand up straight on a shelf.

But this sanctimonious behavior needs to stop and look

Further for another’s aid.

I need to finally quit this charade.

There is only one person who can make me feel like I can stand after;

It’s her.


I still remember the first time I met her.

She is as beautiful as a flower.

She is the remedy to my pains

And never fails to regain

The self confidence that I may lose.

She is the ice to my bruise.


But what good is a book shelf with only two items?

The rest of my friends and all of my family welcomes

Me along with all of my problems.

They are all the shield that guards

Me among some noteworthy others.

For them I will always send my best regards

Because there is no love like that of a mother’s.


Everyone in my life gives me the willpower to proceed.

It is for them that I even try to succeed

In this ever-struggling world which I live in.

Because of them, I will NEVER give in.

With the amount of strength they give me

I could eat Emily’s Farmer’s Corn and live free

Of the crow’s inspections.

I don’t fall short of my intentions.

Thanks to all of them.


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