Those looks you give,

That verbal abuse I’ve dealt with ever since I was 5,

All your hatred, I’m going to use that.

I’m going to use it to make me stronger.

To never be the person that you are,

To not treat my kids like you do.

Because I know that everything I do.

All the accomplishments I strived for,

Even the moments where I’ve failed.

I know that it will lead to something for me.

That it was all for a reason.

Because he came from nothing,

And now ended up with everything.

And he works hard for us, and the only thing I can do is,

To end up loving what I do and do it for him.

But no one puts a smile on my face more than my buddies.

You hear that door open,

And you know it’s them.

No matter what conditions they have,

It won’t stop me from loving them.

They’ll be the sole purpose of why I’m doing,

What I’m doing.

They are my world,

My sunshine.

They mean everything to me.


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