Their Voices Perish In The Wind That Taunts Them So

Whose to say goodbye?
Dare and do not try
Any longer to live in sorrow
Lights cut to black, no tomorrow
Fade far into the other side
When targeted and victimized
Paralyzed by words made in disdain
When the feeling of living is the feeling of pain
Broken down by circumstances
When the smiling face and joyful dances
Mean nothing as they are just a faux light
That fades after long, blurry eyed, sleepless nights
When a glimmer in the eyes turns from hopes to tears
Consumed by abuse, insecurities, loneliness and fear
Seen as less then truly to be
In the mirror, hopelessness in the familiar eyes to see
Torn of false worth to be drug through the mud
Until what is needed is the sight of the blood
That courses through a warm body living
Feel the pain because of your sinning
What is felt as wrong is not in the control
Of those who try to fix what they feel makes them whole
And if that means that they need a steel assist
Then the red carpet the models share becomes the wrist
Of a dreamer being blinded by what they are not
Never believing until they get caught
In a spot, they can stand the sight of the mirror
Who's that girl I feel because now I can see her
Not in perfection like what she may crave
Maybe the cold blade on her skin makes her brave
But when only next door the same happens
Hidden razors in his backpack due to his saddened
State of being tired of being neglected
Because those who say they love him never expected
That maybe he would get tired of being hit
But one day they would have to just cry and admit
That they took it to far when he's dead on the floor
With a gun in his had and hole that's been bored
By a single led bullet straight into his head
You can't wash the blood out of his bed
He blamed himself for bit being good enough
Because ni matter what he did, his hide would be tough
At the leather that swung and lands on his back
By the ones who put him here he's under attack
But if they put him here, then how about
He gets to be the one who takes himself out
Death by ones own hand happens a lot
And for different reasons so it's hard to get caught
Being depressed or suicidal because all if our thoughts
Are trapped in our head, whether it's shared or not
No one can know how someone else feels
Emotion s and people are to diverse and it's all to real
And its all taken with a different approach
But the way to handle it isn't a rope and a note
I can't say it gets better, I can't see the future
But I can say most of the people I knew who were
In that position and attempted to die
Regretted it, and thought they never should have tried
I can say life goes on and how good it gets
Is all dependent on how you decide to see it
I know that it's hard and I don't understand
That's why this message is not a demand
It's a suggestion to help those who need it
You don't need to die, it won't help to bleed it
All of your system, it's not in your blood
It's all in your head and all you need is love
And support through this time, so I'm here with this poem
For the people who need something, I'm here to show them
They're not alone and I care about them without question
Not just about suicide, but also depression
What causes a deep seeded need to bleed out a life
Of pain, saddness, crying, anger, and strife
But being gone isn't the answer, its just living
Until you can escape the fate that is killing
You, but killing you is not what should make your end
So wait until those final wounds mend
And push through the thorns and the vines holding you back
Until brighter days come and there's no looking back
Because I believe in you and it might not mean a lot
But just know that there's someone, and that no one can stop
The fire inside if you can just fight
Until the darkness this into the light
Live on for better days, you have one sure life to live
So do the best thing you can do to yourself, and forgive.


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