For Their Opposites


I like the way people fidget when they stand - 

When they’re not quite comfortable, 

Unsure of their feet, where to direct their eyes, or the trailing of sentences..

It is then you can see past the posturing, preening and perfection

To the person that only wants an answer

But has not yet learned to ask a question.

With their truthful eyes, too guileless for poker-faced deception,

Uncloaked from social manipulation,

It is insecurity, reservation, inhibitions-

Shyness, brokenness, self-consciousness and fear 

Searching for their opposites. 

Note: This poem is dedicated to the shy people I have met across the world, who welcomed me into their lives, despite the initial discomfort.  I am so thankful that you opened up toward me, a fellow shy person! 

Photo Credit: by me (taken while interning in Japan)



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